Manager and Development Lead

Company Name:
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Wolfram Research, Inc. has an opening for a Manager and Development Lead position in Somerville, MA. Manage the Advanced Research Group and its employees. Plan and direct multiple research agendas in conjunction with Wolfram Research executives. Design the details of specific new features by working with other senior engineers and managers to co-ordinate research and development activities. Supervise the development of new machine learning, data storage, and data analysis features for Wolfram Language. Plan the evolution of the core Wolfram Language system to reflect advances in programming language theory. Give technical presentations inside the company about research projects. Explain Wolfram Research products and Advanced Research Group activities to technical communities through appropriate fora. Build experimental prototypes of new product features and product categories to guide further research. Read technical literature to understand novel research applicable to Advanced Research Group projects. Give lectures and talks to technical audiences about Wolfram Research products and technologies. Communicate with and understand the needs of specific customers to better plan our development pipeline. Organize infrastructure to make the Advanced Research Group staff more productive. Review programming code and design specs of individual projects and perform technical assistance where necessary. Ensure adequate skill development of research staff. Write documentation and provide editorial assistance to others to explain new features introduced by Advanced Research Group. Specific Requirements Employer will accept Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Mathematics. Education or experience must include:
1. Experience with low-level Unix utilities and the command line. A practical understanding of Unix operating-system fundamentals such as processes, threads, pipes, signals, and the ability to debug and reverse engineer program function; 2. Confidence with mathematical objects as commonly used in various subfields of computer science and data analysis: differential equations, vector, measure, metric and probability spaces, algebraic objects such as groups, monoids, categories, functors, Turing machines; 3. High degree of fluency using modern programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python, using methods such as generic programming to increase composability and code re-use; 4. Mathematica/Wolfram Language code in an idiomatic, functional style; 5. Applied mathematics and numeric computing: linear algebra, differential equations, error analysis, computational methods; and 6. Basic principles of computer science, algorithm and data structure selection, concurrent and parallel programming, programming language theory. Send resume to: with Job Code TB10219 in the subject heading. No Calls.

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